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Thursday, January 19, 2012

what?! better quality? naaaww..

hey guys! sorry i havent posted in a couple days; we had a friend in town and we were just showing him around our neck of the woods. (he is also from new york..long island to be exact!) i am SOOOO excited to FINALLY use my new camera! my husband bought me the canon t3i, and BOY do i absolutely LOVE it. i have been in the market for a dslr for quite some time now, and i have FINALLY settled on this - & opened it to USE for my videos!. i have invested a lot of my time to do YouTube and, i want to be able to give you the BEST of everything! my husband is so supportive with all that i do, and all that i STRIVE to do - he always comes up with ways to give me the world. literally, if the world had a barcode - i could bet id have it under my pillow tomorrow morning. i have had my share of 'boys' in the past, & if you read our story - HE was one of them! ha. but, God changes people and ultimately, their hearts. my husband is a man of gold, a gem.. my knight in shining armour. im sure i am not the only one who has a WONDERFUL man beside her, as im sure you all have one too!! however, i have one that couldnt be MORE perfect for me, than him. i am SOO blessed. i give the Lord all the credit, for he mends hearts, lives and souls! if it wasnt for my husband, i wouldnt be able to do half the things i do now. i am BLESSED beyond words. (sorry for all the mushyness - what can i say, im in love! :)

okay - soooo. this camera. i tried it out yesterday for the first time. i was going to grab the canon 60d mark II - or whichever that one is calledl; but that camera is significantly more than the t3i. nevertheless, i am satisfied. i was undecided for a bit, so it was in the box for a while - but i decided i wasnt going to return it, nor get another one - so TA DA! new camera. new video. BETTER lighted, quality videos! i love ittttt so much! definitely an investment, but there is so much more to it, than making videos for YouTube. i have been capturing precious moments of my daughter; pictures that are so beautiful - and will last me forever. pictures are not so easy to come by these days, (since digital cameras no longer require you to actually PRINT pictures out, its such a task now..) but, i am so excited to use this camera to its utmost potential!!

this year has already started out on a wonderful note. my family and i have so many plans this year, in hopes to truly see it all through! (you NEVER know what can *pop* up in the military) so - i can only pray. :) time is so precious, and life is a gift - blessed to have the life i do, and i wouldnt trade it for the WORLD!

blessings & love,


  1. Im so excited you started a blog. I follow you on twitter right now and your youtube channel. I dont have videos up right now, but I hope to soon.

  2. This is so cute! I know exacly how you feel about your husband because I feel the same way! We have been together for eight years in March and I am the happiest girl ever! Its funny how you talk about being a military wife and all of that - it is hard him being away. My husband is not in the military BUT he is a professional dancer and leaves the state about twice a month wether its outside of the state of OUTSIDE of the country! It is even harder when he is out of the country because I can barely talk to him. However, I have to stand strong because I love him so much (just like you said. I support everything he does, and just like you mentioned he too supports anything I do and tries to help me as much as he can with everything I come up with. I am so happy that you have someone like that in your life, we are two lucky girls!

    PS: I also have the Canon T3i! I love it too! The only thing I don't like much about it is that while I am doing YT videos it does not auto-focus. Therefore, if I am trying to show an item on camera I have to manually focus it and that is a pain. However, THE PICTURES are amazing I have taken a couple of courses on it - and I love it!

    Love your blog girl! Keep up the good work! and I hope you like my banner design :)